CS 110    Problem Solving through Game Creation

Every Fall Semester

Welcome to the informational web page for CS 110, Problem Solving through Game Creation. The objective for this course is to exercise and improve your problem solving skills by creating computer games. Youíll create those games using a variety of game creation tools. Most of the work won't require any programming, but we'll throw a little bit of programming in just for fun! Donít worry too much about the fact that we expect you to learn a lot, though Ė youíll be creating lots of computer games along the way, and thatís got to be fun, right?

Informational Materials

Click here for an example course syllabus.

Click here for a copy of the promotional flyer for the course.

Screen Snaps

All the screen snaps below come from games developed by students in the course.

Game Maker



The Games Factory

Pie 3D Game Creation System (GCS)