Network and Protocol Research

Main Thrust:

Current Area of Interests:

Content Switch and Active Web

Network Security

Network Planning/Management

Highlight: WINPLAN AntennaPlacer and Virtual Reality User Traffic Modeling and Simulation Tool

VUTMOST and AntennaPlacer Results:

Highlight: Racewin Wireless Network Simulation Tool

developed tools for user traffic modeling simulation and power/cell site assignment
capable of


Network Restoration and Survivability

Highlight: A Network Restoration Simulation Tool capable of

Internet Web Load Balancing

Highlight: NetLobars System for network planning and load balancing.

It is a java-based simualtion system. It shows the network layout tool, dialog window for specifying client data and simulation parameters, one window showing the simulation result of average end-to-end response time.

Here it shows the bottleneck detection results in a table form (sortable in each column).


Protocol Engineering

Highlight: Protocol Validation Using State Exploration Tool

Research/Development Strength:

Network Research Lab with 360 panorama picture

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