IA Research Facility

UCCS has secured a 1.25 Million AFOSR equipment grant to furnish a data center quality server room and an innovation security lab  to foster development of educational and research programs in Cyber Security, Physical Security, and Homeland Security. They are located in the new 150,000 square feet Science and Engineering Building completed April 2009. The innovation security server room will host three racks of blade servers with storage area network and 40 tera bytes of storage. It is dedicated for

  • the design and development of new secure network systems and protocols,
  • the simulation or emulation of large scale networks for evaluating cyber attack and defense techniques,
  • the design and development of new secure storage systems,
  • the configuration of networked of virtual machines/infrastructures for conducting capture the flag exercises and IA training workshops,
  • the study of disaster recovery, network restoration, and system survivability issues,
  • performing multi-tier server cluster, QoS, Internetworking research, and
  • conducting biometric and physical security research.

Equipment/Software Systems being planned (not finalized)

a. Blade Server Racks and Server Module
    HP C7000/C3000x2 chasis
    12 HP Blade 460C G6 Server Modules including 2 Intel Xeon E5530 (2.66GHz)
    Quad Core processors with 32 GB Memory
b. Storage Area Networks and 40 Tera Byte Storage

    HP EVA Storage & Lefthand SAN with 40 Tera byte storage per system

c. System Software for managing the virtual machines on blade servers

    VMWare Infrastructure with Lab Management software Lab Manager

    VMWare Infrastructure for 12 CPUs and 4 year support contract

d. Cyber Security Software Tools

    Nessus Annual Direct and Professional Feed

    IDA Pro Advanced Decompiler (1 Computer License)

    Hex-Rays Disassembler $2300
e. Network Router/Switch/Security Equipment
    Cisco router/switch/IDS/Firewalll

The virtual infrastructure of EAS college are also hosted in the same server room with large computing and storage capacity available for IA research and education.

  • 108 XEON cores (~253 GHZ total CPU)
  • ~704 GB RAM
  • ~ 90 TB storage
  • 10Gb redundant Ethernet, routers, switches, and interconnects

The neighboring 620 square feet innovation security lab are equipped with high end workstation, tablet/laptop PCs, and wireless/sensor network equipment and development kits. It has Audio/Video connection to the innovation lab, the large conference room and the teleconference room of the National Institute of Science, Space, and Security Centers (NISSSC) with high speed internet connection to Internet for conducting cyber or homeland security exercises.

UCCS Network System Lab Equipment List

Network Equipment

  • HP4000 Switch with 4 Fast Ethernet Modules (each provides 8 port) and 4 Gigabit 1000Based-SXmodules. One of the gigabit connections connected to the UCCS gigabit backbone.
  • HP100VG/AnyLAN switch
  • Cisco Aironet 1200 Access Point (Willow)
  • 5 Aironet 350 802.11b Wireless PC Cards. 2 802.11a PC Cards.
  • Intel IXP12EB Network Processor Evaluation Board.
  • 2 4-port Dlink Ethernet Switchs, 1 8-port SMC Ethernet Switch, 1 Netgear 4 port switch, 1 10Mbps Ethernet hubs.
  • 2 Belkin 4-port KVM switches. 2 Omni 4-port KVM switches.
  • Intel donated Equipment
    • 2003
      • 4 Intel Express Router 9520ST
      • 4 Intel Express Router 9520V
      • 4 Intel Express Router 9525ST
      • 4 Intel Express Router 9545 (ISDN BRI/V)
      • 4 Intel Express 420 T Standalone Switch (24 ports)
      • 4 Netstructure 1520 Cache Appliance
      • 3 Netstructure 3215 VPN Gateway 168-bit 3DES
      • 3 1500 Cache Appliance
    • 2002A
      • Sonicwall Pro 300 Firewall with VPN support
    • 2002B
      • 4 Intel 7280 XML Directors
      • 8 Intel 7110 SSL Accelerator


  • Dell Power Edge T310 Server; Intel® Xeon® X3480, 3.06 GHz, 8M Cache, Turbo, HT; 32GB Memory (4x8GB), 800MHz, Quad Ranked RDIMM, (2) 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3.5" Hot Plug Hard Drive
  • Dell Power Edge 1950 server.
  • Dell PowerEdge 2450 (Archie) Pentium 1GHz, 2GB Memory, 32GB Hard Drive

  • Intel Donated Equipment
    • 2002
      • Dell PowerEdge 2550 (Athena) Dual Pentium 1GHz, 4 GB Memory, 32GB Mirror Hard Drive.


  • 2 Dell Optiplex 990 PCs
  • 6 Dell Precison T3500 Workstations
  • 6 Dell Optiplex 960 PCs: quad core Q9550 2.83GHz 8GB
  • 6 Dell Optiplex 620 PCs: duo core 3.2GHz 4GB

Network The System Research Lab (retired 2008) with 360 panorama picture.

SENG A212 Server Room

Production Rack with HP EVA SAN 40TB; C7000 Blace Server Chasis; On the right is Crac Unit

Dell Servers and Sun Microsystems SAN