Subject: NCAA Coaches Exam - Practice TEST
From: "Sandee Mott"
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 08:47:29 -0600
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CC: "Joel R. Smith" , "Sandee Mott"

Below is the memo sent out by the NCAA regarding the practice exam.  I encourage you to pass this along to your coaches so they can all prepare for the actual test that will be distributed later this month.  Please let me know if you have any questions.





March 31, 2008


TO:     Division I Commissioners                   ]

            Division II Commissioners                 ] – of NCAA Conferences.

            Selected Division III Commissioners ]


FROM:     Amy Huchthausen

                  Director of Membership Services


                  Jen Daniels

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                  Andy Louthain

                  Assistant Director of Membership Services.


SUBJECT:    Practice Test for Coaches Certification Test and Changes to the 2008-09 Tests.


The practice test for the NCAA Division II Coaches Certification Test is now available using the following link:


The practice test may be accessed on the NCAA Web site by selecting “legislation and governance.”  On the left side of the page, under the “rules compliance” section, select “certification and training,” then “coaches’ certification tests.”  The test is intended to be of assistance in the rules-education process for coaches at NCAA Divisions I and II institutions.  The use of the practice test in the rules-education process is left to the discretion of the conferences and institutions (e.g., mock test for new questions, roundtable discussion of questions).  The test may be taken using the online program or it may be printed from your Web browser and administered in hard-copy format.  Tests taken using the online program also may be printed after completion for educational use. The use of the NCAA Divisions I or II Manual during testing is permitted.


Please note that the actual Divisions I and II coaches certification tests may differ in the level of difficulty and content from the practice tests.  The actual tests consist of true or false and multiple-choice questions related to legislation contained in NCAA Divisions I and II Bylaws 12 (amateurism), 13 (recruiting), 14.02 (eligibility definitions and applications), 14.3 (freshman academic requirements), 14.4 (continuing eligibility), 14.5 (transfer regulations), 15.02 (financial aid definitions and applications) and 15.3 (terms and conditions of awarding institutional financial aid). 


Additionally, the Division II tests also will include questions related to Bylaws 10 (ethical conduct), 16 (awards and benefits), 17.02 (definitions and applications) and 17.1 (general playing-season regulations).  These additional bylaws were added at the direction of the NCAA Division II Legislation Committee. 


Finally, please be aware that with the actual online tests it is possible for a user to be automatically logged out of the program due to the variety of servers that exist and basic Internet traffic.  Although a fail-safe mechanism is included in the online program for the actual tests, it is not available for the online practice test at this time and it is possible for a user to be logged off and the test will not be retrievable.  The user will need to access the testing link and begin the test again or will have the option to print a hard copy, including answers.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions concerning the practice test or the coaches certification program in general. 




Sandee L. Mott

Assistant Commissioner

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