NCAA Mandated Missed Class Time Policy

This policy governs minimum attendance for athletic eligibility and does not bind individual faculty members who may require a higher level of attendance.

In order to meet the Missed Class Time requirement of NCAA Bylaw, the following policy is in effect at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs:

  1. Student-athletes will not be required to attend any practice/activities that result in a missed scheduled class or final exam. Activities considered practice include:
    1. Preparation and conditioning time (weight training, running, etc.)
    2. Training room time (rehab, taping, etc.)
    3. Meetings (to include individual film watching)
    4. On-field practice

  2. Competition and travel time will not be scheduled to conflict with final exams.

  3. A student athlete may not miss one class more than 5 times because of scheduled competition and travel time during a semester. (this applies to courses which meet two times per week or more; classes that only meet once a week would be addressed on a pro rata basis, e.g. 2.5 times per semester)

  4. Media and recruiting requests will not interfere with class or exam schedules.

  5. Exceptions to the above will only be approved by the Athletic Director who will report exceptions to the IAAC at the last meeting of each semester.

revised by IAAC: February 12, 1997
modified and approved by VCAA: May, 1997
preamble added for inclusion in the 1997-98 student athlete time management book
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