Linux PPP dialup scripts for UCCS

In ~cs401/public_html/src/ppp, there are scripts and their related chat files for dialing up to UCCS terminal servers (four different pools of numbers).  The hunting features allow one to specify only one of the numbers in the pool.  The telephone systems automatically "hunt" for the available phone lines.

The is a perl script which tries a sequence of different numbers.  It was given by Hekki Julkunen and originally works on Debian Unix.
I modified and tested it on Redhat 5.2.  It does not deal with the situation
wherethere are other processes already using the modem. More exception code is
needed.  Note that for terminate the connection, you need to find the process
that executes this script and also the one that executes the pppd process.
Once their process ids are found, use "kill pid" to terminate them.

There are four pairs of .scr (shell script) and .chat (chat file).
The 5932894 has different login sequnce than the rest.
It first asks for host, then login followed by password.
For the host, we need to enter ppp.
The rest of terminal servers first ask for username (not login as prompt), then
password, followed by annnex:.
At the annnex: prompt, we need to enter ppp.
All these interaction sequences are specified in the .chat files, which is one o
f the parameter in the .scr file.

For start, as root user, just type ./uccs5932894.scr.
I turn on the verbose mode so that you can see the dialog.
After "Password:" was shown,  you can check the connection by executing
"netstat -rn".   If you find there is an entry with ppp0 in the Iface column,
then the connection is up.  You can test the connection with the telnet or ping
For stop, just hit control-c on the terminal window.  You will see the ppp0 entr
y removed from the routing table.

Remember to replace the login or username and password in these files with
your own login and password.
Also the scripts assume your modem is on /dev/cua1 (equivalent to com2 in DOS).
You can check your modem device number on Win95 or Win98 by selecting Start|setting|control panel|system|device managers|modem.

If you have enhancement or scripts that work better, please send me email and
share with us.

Edward Chow