CS401S99 Semester Project List
Under Construction)

Web Load Balancing System

When there are multiple web servers available with mirroring content, we can achieve better system througput and end user response time by directing the client requests to lightly loaded servers. One way to achieve this is to set up proxy servers or  load balancing agents that collect the server load information and network path information, and based on those information, request documents from the lightly loaded servers.  In this project, we will explore ways to collect the server load:

Measuring Web Performance


Benchmarking and testing the performance of your site can encompass many
variables, including the operating system, server software, and the type
of machine it's running on. This excerpt from Web Performance Tuning
examines the principles and tools used to test the performance of your


Speed up web CGI programming  with mod_perl.

How to improve CGI performance using mod_perl, as well as a listing of  the most commonly used mod_perl modules. Investigate how much speed up compared with the version without mod_perl.