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Solution to HW #5: Multimedia Synchronization Specification and 
Video on Demand


  • Learn to create Web-based synchronized multimedia presentation using SMIL.
  • Learn Multimedia Synchronization Issues.
  • Learn Basic Video on Demand Design.
  • Assignment Date: 4/19/2010

    Due Date: 4/26/2010


    Part 1: SMIL
    Using SMIL to create a multimedia presentation, hw4.smi, where


    The new version of real player can play a midi file directly but was not able to play midi file specified in a smil file. It complains the realplayer does not have support for content type: audio/midi. I used wireshark to the check if the request with just canyon.midi file and the request of canyon.mid from smil. The result are the same HTTP/1.1 200 OK with the same Content-Type: audio/midi

    I substituted Mural.mp3 with canyon.mid and PssingShips.mp3 with passport.mid

          <meta name="title" content="mix vincent with vod lecture" />
          <meta name="author" content="chow@cs.uccs.edu" />
          <meta name="copyright" content="©1998" />
          <meta name="base" content="http://cs.uccs.edu/~cs525/smil/" />
          <layout type="text/smil-basic-layout">
          <par title="Compose multimedia using smil">
             <audio src="Mural.mp3"
                    id="Soundtrack 1" title="Soundtrack 1"
                    during="5s" />
             <audio src="PassingShips.mp3"
                    id="Soundtrack 2" title="Soundtrack 2"
                    begin="id(Soundtrack 1)(end)" />
             <video src="video/uccs.rm" fill="freeze"
                    id="videoclip 1" title="video clip 1"  begin="1s" >
               <anchor href="http://cs.uccs.edu/~cs525" coords="0%,0%,50%,50%"/>
               <anchor href="http://cs.uccs.edu/~cs301" coords="50%,50%,100%,100%"/>
             <audio src="audio/vodpaper.ra" id="vincent" begin="2s"
                    clip-begin="1s" clip-end="7s" />
             <audio src="audio/kissingcamel.ra"
                    id="Soundtrack 3" title="kissingcamel"
                    begin="id(videoclip 1)(end)" />

    Part 2:  Multimedia Synchronization

    Specify the hw5part1multimedia presentation using the primitives provided by the enhanced interval-based synchronization specification method. The multimedia presentation, hw5.smi,

    Let A be the first 5 seconds of Mural.mp3.  B be the PassingShips.mp3.  C be uccs.rm.  D be short recorded voice that comment on the vodpaper.ra.  E be the concluding remarks played right after uccs.rm.  Using the enhanced interval-based primitives, the multimedia presentation can be specifed as

    A before(0) B;
    A cobegin(1) C;
    A cobegin(2) D;
    C before(0) E.

    Note that there are other possible answers.

    Part 3: Video on Demand.