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Course No.: CS 622 Instructor: C. Edward Chow
Class Time: MW 3:05-4:20pm Office Address: ENS 186
Class Room: ENS 105 Office Hour: MW: 2:30-3pm, 4:30-5pm, R: 5-6pm
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See the attached tentative schedule.
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Table 1: CS622 Distributed Networks Tentative Schedule
Date Chapter Topics Format Assignment
W 1/17
Introduction to Content Switch Design
Content Switch paper by Apostolopoulos et al
ppt, pdf HW#1: due 2/5
M 1/22
H, C7
Internet Network Measurement, Network Restoration, Routing ppt, pdf HW#2: due 2/12
M 1/29
C7, 8
Multicast Routing, TCP/IP HW#3: due 2/19
M 2/5
Linux Networking and related kernel    
M 2/12
Linux-based Content Switch Design  HW#4: due 3/5
M 2/19
Intel IXP Network Processor and related IDE    
M 2/26
MLPS, IS, RSVP, Differential Services. HW#5: due 3/7
M 3/5
Overview of widea area network design
Erlang, 2 node voice network design
ppt, pdf, ps  
M 3/12
3 node data network design ppt HW#6: due 4/6
M 3/19   Midterm: Open book, open note, bring calculator    
M 3/26
Spring Break, 3/26-4/1    
M 4/2
W3, 4
Graph Theory, Traffic and Cost Generators  
M 4/9
Access network design ppt HW#7: due 4/13
M 4/16
Multispeed Access Design,
Multicenter Local Access Design
ppt HW#8: due 4/20
M 4/23
Mesh Network Design ppt  
M 4/30   Student Presentations, Review of Final Exam. ppt Project report due 5/2
W 5/9   1:40-4:10pm Final Exam Note that the starting  time is different from our regular class time.   Open book, open note, bring calculator

H: handout; Cn: Chapters in Communication Network textbook; Wn: Chapters in Wide Area Network Design textbook.