List of CS622 Semester Project Presentations

Please name your project report as cs622project.ppt and upload it with
through UCCS VPN before 12/12 12pm. Email me the url.
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Project Title
Team Members
IP-Based SAN extensions and Performance (presented using HP virtual room) Thao Pham
IPv6 The Next Generation Saroj Patil, Nadine Sundquist, Chuck Short
Secure Role Based IM using ENforCE Kelly Witacre, Kunal Bele, Mike Gerschefske
RASD(Rapid Adaptive Secure DNS). Jeremy Witmer, Matt Weaver

Implementation of DNS SRV _HTTP Resources Records using Apache and Bind

Nicholis Bufmack
Measuring Queuing and System Delay Using Click Modular Router Rosa Caroline Williams
Human Motion Tracking and Reasoning for Rehab Samarpita Hurkute
TBD Matthew Winzenried


List and Schedule of CS622 Student Presentations

Please name your presentation as cs622present1.ppt and upload it with through UCCS VPN

Presenter Presentation Date
Measurement and classification of out-of-sequence packets in a tier-1 IP backbone Saroj Patil ppt 10/8/2007
Constructing internet coordinate system based on delay measurement Nicholis Bufmack ppt 10/15/2007
Wen Xu and Jennifer Rexford. Multi-Path Interdomain Routing Charles Short ppt 10/17/2007
Algorithms for Precomputing Constrained Widest Paths and Multicast Trees Jeremy Witmer ppt 10/22/2007
FAST TCP by by David X. Wei, Cheng Jin, Steven H. Low, and Sanjay Hegde Matt Weaver ppt 10/25/2007
End-to-End Available Bandwidth:  Measurement Methodology, Dynamics, and Relation With TCP Throughput by Jain and Dovrolis Rosa Williams ppt 10/29/2007
Internet Indirect Infrasture by Ion Stoica, Daniel Adkins, Shelley Zhuang, Scott Shenker, and Sonesh Surana Kunal Bele ppt 10/31/2007
"DDoS Defense by Offense" by Michael Walfish, Mythili Vutukuru, Hari Balakrishnan, David Karger, and Scott Shenker Samarpita Hurkute ppt 11/5/2007
On Scalable Attack Detection in the Network, by Ramana Rao Kompella, Sumeet Singh, and George Varghese Nadine Sundquist ppt 11/7/2007
  Gerald Usery ppt 11/12/2007
Informed Content Delivery Across Adaptive Overlay Networks
by John W. Byers, Jeffrey Considine, Michael Mitzenmacher, and Stanislav Rost
Kelly Witacre ppt 11/14/2007
  Matthew Winzenried ppt 11/19/2007
  Mike Gerschefske ppt 11/21/2007