An account of police killing in Kokrajhar, Assam, India in 1992

posted on the mailing list on Monday May 12, 1997

I have heard a number of cases of police atrocity in Kokrajhar area. When the Punjab commandos were posted, they were really nasty and coward. One could see them moving around like an undisciplined bunch hooligans with AK-47.

I don't really know how many of the cases of police atrocities are true as I havn't verified. But I know one for sure. This was the Holi time of 92. I was home on a short vacation that time.

And the saddest thing about this case is that it involved Assam Police 7th Battalion, a battalion dominated by mostly Assamese. The previous day, there was an ambush on a patrol of Assam police by Bodo militants which resulted in deaths and snatching away of arms and ammunitions. It happened on the bank of the Tarrang river near Kokrajhar. Unfortunately, four of my friends , who had been busy celebrating Holi didn't know anything about it. Three of them were Bodo speaking boys and one was Assamese . The spot is about 4 miles from the town and they went to the river to take bath. There was a patrol of Assam police at that time and seeing them (my friends) they (the Police) rounded them up. These boys were innocent and had nothing to do with the militants in any way.

The next that happened is really terrible. Two boys were shot at point blank range. Bulbul Basumatary, whose father is now the director of health in Assam, died on the spot after his skull was blown away. Another boy, Tapan Narzary, managed to survive thought was shot across the chest. The other boys escaped athough they were shot at. The worst part was that, even after the boys were shot at, they were being kicked at while lying on the ground.

And remember : This was done by the 7th battalion of Assam police.