Indian soldiers beat everyone in sight in Sonapur, Assam

Dainik Agradoot, 29 June, 1997, Sonapur

Today morning, a contingent of Indian soldiers, who were searching for members of the ULFA, created mass panic by beating anyone in sight in the villages of Teteliya Bogibari, Ho~hora, Gamariya, Kampur, Kalongpar, Malaybari and other areas. The people were all peaceful citizens. According to reports, alleged members of the ULFA pasted posters in the areas against the ruling AGP party. Hearing this, a contingent of Indian soldiers, came to the village at 9 am and started hitting anyone they could find. They questioned a clothing store owner by the name Nandanlal Mewar in the village of Kalongpar about activities of the ULFA in the region, and when he expressed a lack of knowledge, they beat him very badly. They beat four customers who were in the shop at the time. Then they pulled a college student by the name of Diganta Kalita out of a bus and forced him to read the posters. After he finished reading the posters they slapped him on both his cheeks and hit him with their batons on his back, made him hold his ears in punishment and made him do sit-ups in that state. At 10 am, the soldiders ran after three young men on bicycle and beat them. After beating anyone in sight for two hours, they went to the village of Sonapur and beat people there. Finally they left without arresting anyone.

Tranlated from Assamese by Jugal Kalita