Black Panthers Terrorize People in Kaki, Assam, India

Dainik Agradoot, August 9, 1997

Nagaon, August 8:

More than two hundred people came to Nagaon to give a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner urging him to investigate into the death of a hotel cook Pradip Kakoti in Kaki in an "encounter" with the military. The people, who came in a procession from Kaki, demanded that the state provide monetary compensation to the family of the dead man. Pradip, the son of a poor woodworker (kaathmistri), was a cook at the Namita Hotel in Kaki. There was a "bandh" in Kaki protesting against the killing.

The police from the Kaki police station, with the help of soldiers from the Black Panther units, stopped all buses going from Kaki to Nagaon. They beat and tortured many of the passengers. They made all the men strip to their underwears and made them kneel in that state on the road in front of the women. They beat many of the men when they were kneeling down. A news reporter by the name of Sarangapani Bora of the newspaper called "Kabas" was one of the people who was stripped, beaten and made to kneel on the road.

Translated from Assamese by Jugal Kalita