A first hand account of Human Rights violation in Assam, 1981-1986

A first hand account of Human Rights violation in Assam, 1981-1986

Mon, 12 May 1997, posted on the mailing group assam@pikespeak.uccs.edu

Hi everybody,

I would like to present here a few very traumatic and very inhuman activities that I experienced during my University student life where I lost 3 years of studies during 1981-86.

1. One day at Tezpur, the AASU activists stopped the school buses carrying the childrens of officers of Central Governmentemployees. That was AASU's agitational programme of road blockade. Then the DC/SP of Sonitpur came to the spot and ordered the CRPF to fire at the AASU activists. In front of my eyse, Manjit Das Rupak Nath and another student were shot on the spot. It was because in no circumstances the DC/SP could tolerate that the privilleged children should suffer their studies.

My very close friend Bhupen Deka, Rupak Nath and Manjit das were killed. How can I forget and tolerate such brutality?

2. I saw the dead body of late Miss Raju of Borngabari, who was gang raped by 8 so called brave Indian soldiers keeping her father and brother at the gun point and not satisfied with that the perverted soldiers threw her into their back side pond after stuffing her blouse tightly in her mouth.

How can I forget these things? I always remember the face of the helpless father.

There are hundreds of these kind of very traumatic incidents which I had to face during my university days.

I have tried but I cannot forget such incidents. When I remember these things at night I cannot sleep.

Therefore, I think very much for Assam, which is very much neglected and very much exploited since long back

Jogen Kalita, London

NB: Please no discussion on this, these are my personal experiences. I would be happy to know if there is any body else in he net who suffered like me.