Indian soldiers rape young girls in Khoirabari, Assam, July 1997

Name:- Miss Nilima Boro
Age:- 16 Yrs 
Vill:- Satgiri, Khoirabari
P.S.:- Tangla
District :- Darrang, Assam, India.

Name:- Miss Fouduru Boro
Age:- 14 Yrs
D/o-Khawrial Boro
Vill:- Satgiri, Khoirabari
P.S.:- Tongla
District :- Darrang, Assam, India.

Perpretator :- Indian Army (6 Kumoun Regiment) operating in that area.


On the 18th of July '97, the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB, an armed opposition group active in lower part of Assam) attacked on 6 Kumoun Regiment and killed 6 soldiers.


Date:- 18th July '97
Time:- At about 9 A.M.
Place:- Satgiri
Miss Nilima Boro was doing household chores. Two soldiers entered her house and tried to molest her. When her mother tried to protect her, the soldiers beat her mother. After that, they tried to rape Nilima again. Miss Nilima somehow managed to escape and ran away to the paddies. But, the soldiers caught her in the paddies and raped her. After about one hour, the villagers rescued her from the paddies in unconcious condition. On the same day Miss Fouduru Boro was raped by soldiers of the same regiment at her own house.


Both of them were taken to the nearest hospital in a very critical condition. The villagers and several other organizations submitted memorandum to the district administration demanding judicial enquiry and compensation.