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			Vol.I, No.96 [*] March 5, 1997
	   To create perfection is to risk angering the gods. 
			- Native American saying 

1  3 AGP MINISTERS DENY LINKS WITH ULFA                 [AT+S:04-MAR-97]
   The State Forest  Minister,  Mr  Nagen  Sarma,  the  State  Transport
   Minister,  Mr  Pradip  Hazarika  and  the  Agricultural  Minister, Mr
   Chandra Mohan Patowary categorically denied any brook with the banned
   ULFA and described the Congress allegations to this effect as a  part
   of 'political conspiracy' to undermine their status in the AGP.

2  CENTRE'S DIRECTIVE TO NAGALAND                       [UNI:03-MAR-97]
   The  Union  Home  Ministry  has  directed  the Nagaland Government to
   dismantle a new border outpost, set up inside Assam territory, and to
   withdraw the Naga armed policemen.  According to official report,  in
   a  recent  fax message to the Nagaland Chief Minister S.C.Jamir, Home
   Minister Indrajit Gupta had apprehended recurrence of clashes between
   the Assam and  Nagaland  armed  policemen  if  the  outpost  was  not
   dismantled.   In  the  message, the Home Minister said 'you are aware
   that as per the existing agreement, status quo is to be maintained in
   the border areas.  The establishment of a new border  outpost  inside
   Assam  area,  not  only  violated the status quo but may also lead to
   possible clashes with Assam policemen.'

3  RS.1.1 BILLION FOR ASSAM WATERWAYS                   [S:05-MAR-97]
   The Union Surface Transport Minister, Mr  T.G.Venkataraman,  replying
   to  a question by Mr Arun Kumar Sarma, MP, in the Parliament on March
   4 stated that Rs.1.1 billion had been earmarked for  the  development
   of the National Waterways No.2 extending from Dhubri to Sadiya on the
   Brahmaputra river.

4  COAL RESERVE FOUND IN SAPEKHATI                      [S:04-MAR-97]
   A  coal  reserve  has  been  discovered  in  Sapekhati area along the
   Assam-Nagaland border in  Charaideo  subdivision  recently  and  some
   unscrupulous  businessmen  have  been  carrying  coal  from  the area
   without any permission from the Government resulting in huge  revenue
   loss of  the  State,  alleged the people of the area.  They said, the
   district authorities and the Coal India Limited has been informed  of
   the discovery but no steps has been taken to stop the miscreants from
   stealing the coal.

   Mr  S.W.Yaben,  DIG (Communication) of Nagaland police along with his
   family and his security guard were detained  at  the  office  of  DFO
   (Wildlife   Preservation)   for   killing  a  Lesser  Adjutant  Stork
   (Bortokola), an endangered species, at  Uriagaon  in  Nagaon.    When
   people  of  the  area protested to this, a forest department employee
   with the help of some local youths took them to police  station.    A
   case has  been  registered  under the Wild Life Act, 1972.  They were
   however, let off later.

   Five newly admitted students of  MBBS  1st  year  course  of  Silchar
   Medical  College  have  been  seriously  injured by a group of senior
   students, who have termed the incident as 'ragging'  and  pooh-poohed
   the consequences borne by five newcomers.  The victims have reported
   that they have been severely beaten and tortured  physically  leading
   to  their  immediate  hospitalization in various nursing homes of the
   town.  Several social and political organisations have demanded stern
   action against the offenders with  the  provisions  of  newly  passed
   Anti-Ragging Act, 1997.

7  NORTHEAST GOLD CUP MARATHON                          [AT:05-MAR-97]
   The  first  Ironman  Premoda  Kanta Sarma Memorial Northeast Gold Cup
   Marathon Tournament 1997 will be organized in Guwahati on March 9  by
   the  Assam  Marathon  Players  Association  in collaboration with the
   Sports Authority of India.  The tournament, open  for  both  men  and
   women,  has  in  the  offer gold cups and cash awards for ten men and
   women finishing on top.  This apart, special award will be  given  to
   all participants who complete the full distance.

Compiled from newspaper and agency reports for private circulation only.
      [S=Sentinel, AT=Assam Tribune, Agencies = UNI, PTI, PIB]