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                        Vol.3, No. 26  [*]  May 2, 1998

           There are two kinds of men: those who make history
                        and the one who endure it.
                           - Camilo Jose Cela

   Controversial  heart  surgeon  Dr  Dhani Ram Baruah, who was arrested
   following the death of a patient Purna Saikia in December 1996  after
   a  pig heart transplantation was carried out by him, pointed out that
   a team in Australia in their research have  come  to  the  conclusion
   that a pig heart transplantation in human body is possible.
   Researchers  in Melbourne, Australia had claimed that they have found
   a way round the knotty problem of organ rejection that  had  hindered
   animal to human transplants.  The Austin Research Institute team, led
   by  Mauro  Sandin,  using a new technique, has shifted hearts between
   normal mice and  genetically  engineered  ones  which  opens  up  the
   possibility of  switching  of  organs from pigs to man.  Pig's organs
   are chosen because they are same size as human organs.

   A  group of about 15 Purbanchaliya Lok Parishad (PLP) youths on April
   29 set fire to the godown of a Shree  Automobiles  at  Christianbasti
   area in Guwahati and damaged at least 300 scooters and autorickshaws.
   They also beat up the godown in-charge.  Property worth Rs.10 million
   was damaged  in  the  incident.   The PLP workers also vandalized the
   company's showroom at Paltan Bazar some days ago.

   An  earthquake  of  moderate  intensity  rocked Golaghat town and its
   neighbouring areas at 2:10 pm IST on May 2.  People rushed  out  from
   offices and  homes to the streets.  Window panes rattled in the shock
   waves which lasted for about 10 seconds.  No loss of property or life
   was reported from the town.

   A   police   team   of  Lalbazar  police  station,  Calcutta,  on  an
   investigation trial to Golaghat, busted a big racket  of  inter-State
   car-lifters  at  Golaghat  on April 30. The police team recovered six
   Maruti cars and a Maruti van.  Among  those  who  bought  the  stolen
   vehicles  are three police personnel who had bought their cars in the
   names of their wives, sisters or fathers,  the  police  sources  said
   adding  that  there was a possibility of recovery of more such stolen

5  37,000 VIE FOR 400 POSTS OF TEACHERS			   [S:30-APR-98]
   The selected list of candidates for teachers posts is yet to be  sent
   to  the  Education  department  by  the selection committee of Jorhat
   subdivision. While  there  are  only  250  posts  for  lower  primary
   teachers  in Jorhat district, 17,900 candidates had given interviews.
   For 100  ME  teachers  posts,  13,000  candidates  appeared  for  the
   interviews. As against 40 posts of high school and subjects teachers,
   6,000  appeared for interviews. In total, there are 37,000 candidates
   for 400 posts of teachers in the district.

   A plywood factory, Woodcraft, situated at Mariani near  Jorhat,  will
   be  closed  down  from May 2 in view of the scarcity of raw materials
   following the Supreme Court ban on timber trade. The authority of the
   mill which has stopped production about 16  months  ago,  was  paying
   regular salaries to all its employees all these months, before taking
   a  final  decision  for  the closure. The employees will, however, be
   given same retirement benefits, mill sources said.

7  BIHU KONWARI USA-98				           [AT:2-MAY-98]
   Assam Society of America's Northeast chapter organized  Rongali  Bihu
   at Unitarian  Society  of  New Brunswick on April 11.  A gathering of
   more than 100 individuals from  Australia  and  Canada  attended  the
   colourful  celebrations  including people from Northeastern States of
   India.  For  the  first  time  in  Assamese-American  history,  `Bihu
   Konwari' competition  was  organized.  Alpana Barthakur of New Jersey
   was crowned with `Bihu Konwari-USA 1998'.  Nilakshi Thakuria,  became
   the first runners-up.

Compiled from newspaper and agency reports for private circulation only.
      [S=Sentinel, AT=Assam Tribune, Agencies = UNI, PTI, PIB]