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                          Vol.3, No.65 [*] August 31, 1998

                  When it is a question of money, everybody
                          is of the same religion.
                               - Voltaire

   The  Commanding  Officer  (CO) of 11 Jat Regiment of the Indian Army,
   headquartered at Dinjan in Dibrugarh district, Major Jamir  Khan  has
   been  arrested  by the Army Police for killing three prominent former
   ULFA members (SULFA) of Dibrugarh district, Rana Gogoi, Rajib  Phukan
   and Utpal  Baruah on August 27 night.  Along with him 20 soldiers are
   also being hauled up in the case.
   According  to reports, Major Jamir Khan along with a team of armymen,
   launched an offensive at an ULFA hideout at  Jeraigaon  killing  four
   persons  including  two ULFA militants in the wee hours on August 25.
   One of those killed was Deepmoina Borgohain, a  keeper  of  the  huge
   amount  of  money  extorted  by  the outfit in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia
   districts.  The operation led to the recovery  of  Rs.40  million  of
   which  Major  Khan  kept  almost  the  entire  amount  to himself and
   officially announced only Rs.440,000 had been recovered.
   The  news  of the actual recovery however reached Major General Ashok
   Chaki, GOC, 2 Mountain Division at Dinjan, and summoned Major Khan to
   ascertain the truth.  At this, Jamir Khan, who had close  terms  with
   all  the  SULFA  boys  in Dibrugarh, was irked that the SULFA leaders
   should have told everything to the GOC.
   In the evening of the fateful day on August 27, Major Khan along with
   about 25 soldiers arrived the house of a SULFA leader, Rituraj  Gogoi
   for  a drink. He also called about 12 SULFA boys, including the three
   who fell victims to his attack,  to  Rituraj's  house  ostensibly  to
   `celebrate'  their  success  in  eliminating  Deepmoina two days ago.
   After sometime, he called the three out of the house  and  asked  how
   much money has been recovered. Sensing his mood, the three reportedly
   said  that they did not know. At this, a heated exchange followed and
   at one point, Jamir Khan whipped out his revolver and fired at them.
   Rana  Gogoi  and  Utpal  died  on  the  spot  while  Rajib Phukan lay
   critically injured.  After this, he dumped their bodies in  a  Maruti
   car  and  drove  it to Lahowal, 4 km from the town and left it on the
   highway.  He then fired at Rajib Phukan to ascertain that he was dead
   and left bullet marks in the car to give  the  impression  that  they
   were killed  in  a  shoot-out  with  the  ULFA.   When he returned to
   Rituraj's house, the SULFA boys had already  left  and  informed  the
   police and sought protection and took shelter in a CRPF camp.
   Soon  after,  the SULFA leaders sent a fax to the President of India,
   with copies to the Chief of the Army  Staff  and  the  GOC  4  Corps,
   giving  details  of  the gruesome incident which led to the arrest of
   Major Khan.
   The insurgent outfits of the Northeast,  barring  the  NDFB  and  the
   NSCN(IM),  met  at  an  undisclosed  place in Bangladesh recently and
   discussed their future strategy to carry on the violent campaign  for
   secession  in  the region, Chief Minister P.K.Mahanta told a group of
   newsmen in Guwahati on August 29.

   Intelligence reports said, ULFA  leaders  Arabinda  Rajkhowa,  Paresh
   Baruah  and  Sasha  Chowdhury  attended  the meeting on behalf of the
   ULFA.  About 40 leaders of the Northeast-based insurgent  groups  had
   assembled in  the  meeting.    The ULFA leaders presented Rolex wrist
   watches to all other  delegates  present,  Mr  Mahanta  said  quoting
   intelligence reports.   One of the major decision taken was to rename
   the Indo-Burma Revolutionary Front  (IBRF)  as  simply  United  Front
   (UF), he said while refusing to give further details.

   Uttam  Phukan  (19), an ULFA militant, who is the son of one Cheniram
   Phukan of Betbari Bhijuwal village under Sibsagar police station, was
   shot dead by the Army on August 29 night.  According to sources, Army
   personnel came in two Maruti Gypsy vehicles and picked up Uttam  from
   Betbari Rajgarh.    Local  people  said they heard the sound of eight
   rounds of fire at 8 pm at Palengi.  The  body  of  Uttam,  which  was
   recovered  by  Demow  police  on  August  30  bore  injuries of seven
   bullets.  Uttam, who joined the banned  outfit  a  year  ago,  was  a
   member of the Kolong Chupa unit of the ULFA.
   Despite  the ban imposed by the Assam Government on the sale of loose
   mustard oil in the State, several cases of dropsy have been  reported
   from different  parts  of  the  State.    Dropsy  is  caused  by  the
   consumption of mustard oil contaminated with  argemone  oil  and  the
   first death reported from New Delhi two weeks ago in recent times.
   Homeopaths  in  Guwahati  have  stated that Dropsy and other physical
   ailments, caused due to sanguanarine alkaloid  in  the  argemone  oil
   which  interferes with oxidation in the body, can be cured as per the
   fundamental principle of  homeopathy,  `similia  similibus  curator'.
   Sanguanaria nitricum in 30 or 200 potenties can be used.  The nitrate
   group  in  the  medicine  will  cure the interference in oxidation of
   pyruvic  acid  and  will  thus  remove  the  ill-effects  of  dropsy.
   Normally,  sanguanaria  nitricum is used in treatment of nasal polyps
   and sinusitis in Homeopathy.

   Dr Mohendra Nath Bora, Head of the  Department  of  Physics,  Gauhati
   University  has  been specially invited to present his research paper
   on locally available `muga' silk and plant textile fibres at the  5th
   Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference (ATPC) being held at Seoul
   National University  from August 30.  Dr Bora's research paper is the
   only Indian paper among five invited research papers  of  the  world.
   He  is  also  selected as the only Indian member of the International
   Organizing Committee of ATPC for three years.

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