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                       Vol.1, No.3 * September 23, 1998

1  STOCK OF RICE ROTTEN: FCI                            [S:16-SEP-98]
   GUWAHATI:  The Food Corporation of India (FCI) officials  admitted
   that the 22,000 quintals of rice which arrived at the New Guwahati
   railway  station  on September 14, were rotten and unfit for human
   consumption.  The FCI officials gave a written  assurance  to  the
   Assam   Government   that  the  rice  will  not  be  released  for
   consumption by  humans  in  the  State.    
   The  FCI  has started investigating as to how such a huge stock of
   rotten rice could have  been  despatched  despite  the  fact  that
   24,000  quintals  of  similar rotten rice had been rejected by the
   State Government in June.  Sources said, a coterie of unscrupulous
   officials of the Union  Food  and  Civil  Supplies  Ministry  were
   behind this type of anti-people acts.

   JORHAT:   The  Jorhat  Election  Office of the Government of Assam
   owes about Rs.3.5 million  to  the  vehicle  owners,  petrol  pump
   owners,  motor  workshops  etc in connection with the last general
   election in  February  this  year.    About  500   vehicles   were
   requisitioned  for the election work, hire charges of which is yet
   to be paid.
3  INCOME TAX RAID IN JALAN TEA COMPANY                 [S:17-SEP-98]
   GOLAGHAT:   The Director of Income Tax (Investigation), NE region,
   conducted raids in Jalan Tea Company, Jalan Golaghat  Tea  Company
   Pvt Limited  and  Jalan  and  Associates recently.  The raids were
   conducted  simultaneously  in  five  places  of   their   business
   establishments   in   Golaghat,  Guwahati,  Calcutta,  Jaipur  and
   Kishanganj.  Huge amount  of  cash  along  with  secret  financial
   documents were seized, a reliable source said.
4  FRAUD FINANCIAL INSTITUTION                          [S:14-SEP-98]
   GOLAGHAT:  Vasundhora Kutumbakum, a financial institution with its
   headquarters  in  Lucknow,  was  doing  flourishing  business   at
   Golaghat for  long.   But recently, the customers could find a big
   lock in the front door of the office.  On inquiry, it was revealed
   that the manager of the institution had left the  place  once  and
   for all  with  an  amount  of Rs.2 million in his possession.  The
   financial institution offered a good number of  lucrative  schemes
   to attract depositors, sources said.
   BARBHAG:   Suspected  ULFA  militants  set fire to a wooden bridge
   over Pagladia river at Sonkuriha ghat around 3:10 am on  September
   11.   The  village  headman  witnessing the fire informed the fire
   service over telephone who immediately  rushed  to  the  spot  and
   brought the  fire  under  control.  Police said that the militants
   wanted to cut off Barbhag from the rest of the State to check free
   movement  of  the  Army,  despite  the  fact  that  all  the  road
   connections with Barbhag have been snapped due to flood damage.
   One the  other hand, Armymen  of Koria camp collected more than 25
   bicycles from local cycle  repairing  shops  and  launched  relief
   operation in the flood-affected areas.
   JAMUGURIHAT:  Continuous  bicycle  theft  cases have been reported
   from Biswanath Chariali, Jamugurihat and Sootea for  which  people
   are  facing  immense  difficulty. The police officials' inactivity
   has also been resented by the people. It may be mentioned that the
   police have not been able to  trace  out  even  a  single  bicycle
   lifter so far.
   KOHIMA:   Kohima  district  administration,  in  a  bid  to combat
   increasing cases of dog biting, has ordered to eliminate  all  the
   stray dogs   around  the  town  without  further  notice.    In  a
   notification, Kohima civil subdivisional officer Rovilato Mor said
   dag biting cases were increasing in and around this  capital  town
   of Nagaland.    He  advised  all  the  owners  to  have their dogs
   injected with anti-rabies vaccination and  keep  them  chained  in
   their residence.
8  BRAVE GIRL SAVES FATHER'S LIFE                       [S:13-SEP-98]
   JORHAT:   In  a  unique  case  of bravery, a 10th standard student
   Nazrin Sultana sustained severe injuries when she  tried  to  save
   her  father  Dr  Nabab  Siddique  from  the  brutal attack of some
   miscreants at their residence in Denis Nagar under Lisubari police
   outpost on the night of September 11.
   When a group of three armed miscreants entered  the  house  of  Dr
   Siddique,  and  one  of  them  attempted  to  kill him with a `da'
   (machete), a gusty Nazrin hit the advancing miscreant with a stick
   and caught hold of the `da'  with  her  bare  hands,  while  other
   members of  the  family  ran  for  safety.    Taken  aback  by her
   offensive the miscreants fled.  Although five of her fingers  were
   severely injured, her courage and bravery saved her father's life.
   GUWAHATI:   The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government
   of India has nominated Dr Nilima Sharma, professor of  Philosophy,
   Gauhati  University  as  member  of  the top executive body of the
   Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New  Delhi.    Dr
   Sharma along with Dr Manisha Barua and Dr Juthika Das attended the
   20th   World   Congress   of   Philosophy  in  Boston  University,
   Massachusetts, USA from August 10 to 15.

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