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                        Vol.3, No.71 [*] October 6, 1998

                 People who believe a problem can be solved
                        tend to get busy solving it.
                            - William Raspberry

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             Issued on public interest by AOL News. - Mozz

   The Ambassador of Israel to India, Mr Yehoyada Haim  made  a  fervent
   appeal  to  entrepreneurs, businessmen and the Government of Assam to
   identify projects, primarily in agriculture sectors, for  setting  up
   joint  ventures in the State with their counterparts in Israel, as he
   expressed the willingness of his Government to  have  close  economic
   ties with the people and the Government of Assam.
   During  a  two-hour-long  interface with representatives from various
   trade and industries of the State, organized by the Assam  Industrial
   Development  Corporation  (AIDC)  in  Guwahati  on October 5, Mr Haim
   said, what is remarkable is the fact that Israel is  just  one-fourth
   of  Assam  in  terms  of  territory  and  population and without `oil
   whatsoever'  and  with  very  little  water  and   yet   it   exports
   agricultural goods worth $ 1.2 billion annually.
   The people of Assam, who are becoming more and more accustomed to the
   killings  and  other  forms  of  violence  over the years, seem to be
   losing their human values and any report of gruesome killing does not
   leave any serious impact on their minds.  But those who had failed to
   adapt to the situation are facing serious mental  problems  and  some
   are even forced to consult psychiatrists.
   Till a few years back, the report of one murder become  the  talk  of
   the  town  for  days,  but now the situation has forced the people to
   become more adaptable to the happenings around them and the  news  of
   killings  do  not  shake them as was the case before. The majority of
   the newsmen, who are covering the incidents of killings have acquired
   indifference and are forced to consider these incidents as only  news
   and nothing more.
   In  Guwahati,  which  witnessed  several incidents of violence in the
   days leading to the Durga  Puja  festival  the  people  thronged  the
   pandals  till  the wee hours, which proved the fact that the killings
   did not  leave  any  serious  impression  on  their  minds.  Now  the
   situation  has  become  such  that  till  we are directly affected by
   violence, we do not bother to take any notice of the incidents around
   us, which, experts say, is not at all a healthy sign for society.
   There are 70 posts of teachers lying vacant in the Gauhati University
   for a very long time. Several  posts  are  lying  vacant  in  various
   departments  because of teachers being on lien. Allegations are there
   that the University has taken no step to  fill  up  these  posts  and
   there are departments run solely by part-time teachers.
   The  Gauhati  University  Teachers'  Association (GUTA) said that the
   academic standard of the University had suffered and the students had
   to return home often without  classes  to  attend  as  there  was  no
   teacher in their subject.  The Vice-Chancellor Dr H.L.Duorah admitted
   that  about  50 posts of teachers are lying vacant due to the absence
   of speedy processing of the  official  papers  in  the  establishment
   department of the University.
   A  group  of unidentified miscreants vandalized the statue of Mahatma
   Gandhi atop the Gandhi Mandap in Sarania  Hill  in  Guwahati  on  the
   night of October 2, after the nationwide celebrations on the occasion
   of the   Father  of  the  Nation's  birth  anniversary  ended.    The
   miscreants had a drinking session in the area before  they  tore  off
   the garlands  and  broke  the  spectacles.  They also shouted against
   Mahatma Gandhi as they started  to  vandalize  the  statue.    Police
   recovered the broken spectacles from below the feet of the statue.
   In a separate incident at Pathsala on the night of  October  1,  gold
   and  silver  jewellery and some cash were stolen from the Kali temple
   at Muguria near Pathsala.  Police investigation is on, but  none  has
   been arrested so far.
5  BLACK PANTHERS METE OUT `JUSTICE'                        [S:4-OCT-98]
   Two  `Black Panthers' jawans, travelling in a Maruti Gypsy, beat up a
   gentleman driving a Maruti car black and blue at Walford  point  near
   Ganeshguri  Chariali  in Guwahati city at 11:30 am after dragging him
   out of the car.  They would not stop even though the  hapless  victim
   was profusely bleeding.
   His  crime  was  that he wanted to overtake another Maruti car before
   him which suddenly applied the brakes, and in the process, the Maruti
   Gypsy, which was following his car, had hit his car, albeit slightly.
   A traffic policeman, who tried to save the gentleman, was also beaten
   up.  Finally, a CRPF jawan could rescue the gentleman  from  the  two
   `Black Panthers' jawans.
   Some  autorickshaw  drivers   physically   assaulted   the   Guwahati
   correspondent  of  `The Telegraph', Mr Anirban Roy near Ulubari point
   and seriously damaged his both eyes at 11 pm on the night of  October
   3  when  he  refused  to  pay an exorbitant fare of Rs.50 if the auto
   driver would  drop  him  from  Ulubari  point  to  his  residence  at
   Lachitnagar,  a  distance  of  hardly  2  km. The Guwahati Press Club
   condemned the unprovoked assault on Mr Roy by the miscreants.
7  UNKNOWN GAS FOUND AT MOINBORI                            [S:5-OCT-98]
   Incessant  gushing  out of unknown gas on the bank of the river Manah
   at Moinbori have been reported by eyewitnesses in the area.  The  gas
   is  coming  out  from over 30 holes on the sandy surface of the bank.
   The three-kilometre-wide zone has been kept under constant  watch  by
   police  and  homeguards  at  the instance of the officer-in-charge of
   Moinbori police station, who has reported the matter  to  the  higher
8  AEC ALUMNI MEETING ON OCTOBER 25                         [S:6-OCT-98]
   The  first  annual  general  body  meeting  of  the Assam Engineering
   College (AEC) Alumni Association will be held on  October  25.    The
   election  for  the  new  executive committee will also be held on the
   same day at the Assam Engineering College in Guwahati.

   Tsangpo  Industries  of  Guwahati,  which recently started to provide
   online news from Assam and other Northeast States on  the  web,  have
   started a  new  free  service.    E-mails  accompanied by a telephone
   number in Guwahati will be delivered to  the  addressee  anywhere  in
   Guwahati city.  The service will be valuable to those who do not have
   personal e-mail  at  their  home  in  Guwahati.    The details of the
   service  is  available  in  the  North  East   Update   webpage   at:

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