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                        Vol.3, No.72  [*] October 9, 1998

              We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to
                         see even his sincerity.
                            - G K Chesterton

1  CISF FIRING AT NRL, 18 HURT                              [S:9-OCT-98]
   Eighteen  workers,  working  under  different companies in Numaligarh
   Refinery project, were injured when Central Industrial Security Force
   (CISF) personnel resorted to fire to control an angry  mob  of  about
   1,000  workers  who  had  attacked  CISF personnel with rods, stones,
   bricks and knives at around 9.30 am on October 8.
   Three skilled workers working under DCIL company allegedly  assaulted
   the  management  of  the  company  when  they had been settling about
   payment with the later.  Having been informed by the management  CISF
   personnel arrested the three workers and took them to their custody.
   In the meantime,  workers  of  different  companies  working  in  the
   refinery  project  attacked the CISF personnel and injured 15 of them
   including Inspector P.K.Borah.  The workers also burnt a Maruti Gypsy
   vehicle and the main gate of the Numaligarh Refinery.

2  ASSAM GOVT LOAN FOR ONE BILLION RUPEES                   [S:9-OCT-98]
   The  Government  of Assam notified a loan of Rs.1 billion at 12.5 per
   cent per annum maturing on October 12, 2008  at  an  issue  price  of
   Rs.1,000  for  every  thousand, as part of its mandatory exercise for
   securing loan to fund its annual plan. The loan is to be utilized for
   financing `productive development programmes  and  projects'  in  the
   State.  About  the  risk factors, the notification mentioned only the
   debt position which stood at Rs.45.16 billion as on March  31,  1995.

   The  Manav Adhikar Sangram Samity (MASS), a human rights organization
   has sought international intervention  regarding  alleged  harassment
   and  rape  of  women  by  the  security  forces  in lower Assam. In a
   statement, the MASS also  blamed  the  Assam  Governor  S.K.Sinha,  a
   retired  Lt. General of the Indian Army, for failing to protect women
   despite his categorical assurances. According to MASS, two women were
   allegedly raped in  Nalbari  and  Kokrajhar  districts  by  the  Army
   jawans. The Army had, however, denied any involvement.
   Meanwhile, Central Reserve  Police  Force  (CRPF)  admitted  that  Ms
   Binita  Basumatary,  wife  of  Mr Rabi Ram Basumatary of Birinchiguri
   village under Kokrajhar district, had been raped by a  jawan  of  the
   paramilitary  force  and  assured  to  take very prompt and stringent
   measure against the culprit.  An inquiry  under  the  supervision  of
   Deputy  Inspector General, CRPF is under progress and will submit the
   report within two days and the culprit will be  handed  over  to  the
   police, a press release said adding that police registered a case.
   Police arrested  six  persons,  including  two  `gaonburah'  (village
   headman)  of  Jengrai Mukh as they allegedly sold two quintals and 40
   kg of  black  lentil  (mati  mah)  seeds  which  was  meant  for  the
   flood-affected people of Majuli.
   Meanwhile, the flood-affected people of Dhakuakhana are not satisfied
   with the  assurance  given  to  them  by  the  State  Chief  Minister
   P.K.Mahanta  in his one day visit to Majuli subdivision of Jorhat and
   Dhakuakhana subdivision of Lakhimpur on October 7.  
   According  to  them  the  assurance  of  rehabilitation  of flood-hit
   people, repair of roads and bridges damaged by the floods,  given  by
   the  Chief  Minister  failed to impress them as Mr Mahanta added that
   the State Government would do all those sort  of  works  only  if  it
   could get funds from the Centre.

   The Union Ministry for Information and Broadcasting has  taken  up  a
   special  scheme  for  setting  up  of  Community Radio Stations at 16
   locations in  the  Northeastern  region,  considering  the  strategic
   importance  of  the  region  with  its  diverse culture, language and
   dialects.  The programmes to be broadcast on these stations  will  be
   area-specific  so as to enable the local communities to realize their
   culture and   artistic   aspirations.      The   scheme   is    under
   implementation.  Three such Community Radio Stations are being set up
   in Lakshadweep.

   The  State  exchequer  is  losing hundreds of thousand rupees as some
   business  firms  taking  advantage  of  tax   exemption   have   been
   transporting  taxable  goods  worth  millions  of rupees belonging to
   other business establishments through Srirampur  and  Chagolia  sales
   tax check posts in the inter-state border of Assam and West Bengal.
   Altogether  37  businessmen, industrial units and commercial firms of
   the state are enjoying sales tax  exemption  under  section  3(A)  of
   Assam  Sales  Tax  Act  1947. According to the Act no dealer shall be
   liable to pay sales tax in respect of such goods produced by  him  in
   any  new  industrial  unit  for  a  period  of  five  years  from the
   commencement of production. 
   Highly placed sources in the Srirampur sales tax check post disclosed
   that  some  of  the business firms enjoying tax exemption have either
   been buying taxable goods or operating on  behalf  of  others.    The
   firms  are  dealing  in  coal, betelnut, dried betelnut, stone chips,
   tyres, asbestos, iron, aluminium, rods, wire  alloys,  ginger,  jute,
   tea, bamboo, pigs and cow.
7  NEW ON-LINE WATER FILTER LAUNCHED                       [AT:7-OCT-98]
   Taurus  Industries,  Guwahati  has  recently  launched   the   Taurus
   microfilter, an  on-line  water  filter-cum-purifier.    It  is a new
   addition to the range of water purifiers by the premier firm  in  the
   field  of  water filtration and ultraviolet water purification system
   of the northeastern region.  It requires no electricity or  plumbing.
   Its  added  benefit is the easy backwashing facility to ensure a long
   life of its candle which is specially designed to suit the  condition
   of water in the region.  It is priced at Rs.1,440.
   The Police and the guardians of two school students, one  of  class-7
   and  another of class-9, had had a harrowing time over a kidnap drama
   enacted by students, only to hide from their parents  that  they  had
   gone to see a movie instead of attending classes.
   The two boys of Jorhat Government Boy's School  skipped  classes  and
   went to see a movie, keeping their books hidden near the stadium.  On
   return,  they  could  not find their books and out of fear that their
   parents will scold them, they  enacted  a  kidnap  drama  before  the
   Pulibor police.
   They  told  the  policemen  that  they  had  been  kidnapped  by some
   unidentified man in a  Maruti  van  but  were  left  after  sometime.
   Police  mounted  a massive search for the vehicle while their hapless
   parents  were  looking  for  their  wards   desperately   everywhere.
   Finally, when the police interrogated the boys the truth came out.
   The Indian Ambassador to Angola, Mr Upendra Chandra  Boro,  IFS,  who
   hails  from  Deokuchi  village  under Kamalpur constituency of Rangia
   subdivision, was  felicitated  on  October  7  at  the  Subdivisional
   Officer (Civil)  office.    State  Education Minister Thaneswar Boro,
   Cooperation Minister Nurul  Hussain  and  Sports  and  Youth  Welfare
   Minister Moidul Islam Bora attended the function.

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