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                         Vol.4, No.40 [*] July 6, 1999

                   There is no place in a fanatic's head
                          where reason can enter.
                               - Napoleon 

   GUWAHATI:   Inspired  by  the  heroic  sacrifices  of  the Assamese
   soldiers in the ongoing warlike  situation  in  the  India-Pakistan
   border areas of Kashmir, a hard-core activist of the 28th battalion
   of  the  outlawed  ULFA  identified  as  Saurav Kakoti deserted the
   outfit while on way to a Bhutan-based camp to attain arms training.
   In  a  statement  issued  to  The Sentinel, the ULFA deserter, in a
   grief-stricken note, said that he was moved by the heroic deeds  of
   Kajol  Bhowmick,  Udhab  Das  and Jintu Gogoi, who sacrificed their
   lives fighting the Pakistan Army, and had  decided  to  desert  the
   ULFA  `as  it  miserably  failed  to  serve  any purpose other than
   engaging itself in a bloodbath, killing its own people.'
   Mr  Kakoti  said  that he along with nine other cadres were sent to
   Bhutan for specialized arms training, following which they would be
   sent to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to help the Pakistan  army.    He
   asserted  that  many  cadres of the ULFA, who were highly perturbed
   over  the  dictatorial  attitude  of  the  top  brass,  would  come
   overground in the near future.
   GOLAGHAT:  Thousands of people  from  Golaghat  have  thronged  the
   native  home of Captain Jintu Gogoi to see the body of the hero who
   made Golaghat proud through his supreme sacrifice for the  country.
   The body will be reaching Golaghat on July 7, sources said.

   Earlier Golaghat Deputy Commissioner who was in constant touch with
   the Army said that the body of Jintu and five other heroes had been
   lying at  the  Kargil  sector  where  an intense battle was on.  At
   least one army personnel was killed and several others injured when
   they tried to recover the bodies of the slain heroes.
   Anjana  Porashor,  with  whom Jintu dreamt of a married life, is to
   accompany her fiance in his  last  journey  home  from  New  Delhi.
   Jintu  and Anjana, who work as an announcer in All India Radio, had
   been in love for several years, and their engagement was formalized
   on June 2 in Delhi amidst members of both the families.
   Meanwhile, the Department of Telecommunications  have  installed  a
   telephone  at  Jintu's  home for direct communication regarding the
   developments. The telephone number is: +91-3774-89354.
3  SANGHI SHOWN THE DOOR, DEED CANCELLED                  [S:6-JUL-99]
   GUWAHATI:   The  Government  of  Assam  has  terminated  the  lease
   agreement  between  Sanghi  Textiles Limited and the Government for
   gross violation of the terms and conditions of  the  memorandum  of
   understanding  by  the  company.  The  action came following Sanghi
   management's failure to respond to the ultimatum by the Government.
   The Government had asked the company to  start  production  of  the
   Ashok  Paper  Mill  at  Jogighopa in Bongaigaon district, which has
   been on layoff since September 1998.  The company was earlier  told
   to  build  the confidence of the local people by producing paper at
   the rated capacity of 90 tonnes per day consistently for  a  period
   of six months with its own funds and resources.

   JORHAT:   The self-styled sergeant major of the National Democratic
   Front of Bodoland (NDFB) Simen Brahma,  who  was  nabbed  from  the
   private  residence of a Assam police battalion commandant, Guneswar
   Duori  posted  at  Saraikhowa  in  Kokrajhar,  had  close  personal
   relation  with  the high-ranking police official since 1996 when he
   started off  as  a  contractor-supplier  of  police  goods  to  the
   battalion camp.
   Sources said that Simen Brahma alias Ajib had masterminded the most
   sensational  loot  of  the  armoury  of  Saraikhowa  camp  in 1994.
   According to a source, Ajib had entered into the business with  the
   police  with  the  objective of acquiring detail information of the
   activities and movements of the police.
   It may be mentioned that after the loot  of  the  armoury,  as  the
   minister-in-charge  of State Home Department, late Hiteshwar Saikia
   announced that the camp would be wound up, and discharged  all  the
   policemen,  including  the then commandant, Cheniram Hazarika, from
   service.  However, the Government subsequently  decided  to  retain
   the battalion.
   GUWAHATI:   The  Assam  police which reckoned the arrest of Animesh
   Kakoti, assistant publicity secretary of ULFA, as a  prized  catch,
   is now baffled as to what it should do with an ultra whose death is
   imminent.   Mr  Kakoti,  who was booked under the National Security
   Act (NSA) and undergoing judicial trial, is suffering from cancer.
   Soon after Kakoti's arrested along with  Ms  Gitika  Bora,  Gauhati
   High Court referred him to the B.Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati
   following complaints that the rebel was suffering from cancer.  The
   institute  confirmed  that the ULFA member was suffering from liver
   carcinoma and said that the institute was  not  in  a  position  to
   provide treatment.    The  ultra  was  then  taken to Tata Memorial
   Hospital, Mumbai.

   After the Tata Memorial Hospital declared that the patient  was  no
   longer  in  a treatable condition, and returned to Guwahati on July
   2, the police were left in a dilemma, since  the  B.Barooah  Cancer
   Institute  from where he was discharged refused to admit him again.
   However, only after the police  gave  an  assurance  to  come  with
   adequate  orders  from  the  high court, the police were allowed to
   admit him in the hospital.

   GUWAHATI:  The State unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party  (BJP)  has
   pleaded  for introduction of the inner-line permit for the state of
   Assam.  The BJP hailed the Centre's move for reservation  of  seats
   in  the  Parliament,  State  Legislature  and the Panchayat for the
   indigenous people in the State, in conformity with the Clause VI of
   the Assam Accord.
   Meanwhile,  prominent  politician  and  Janata Dal leader, Mr Dulal
   Baruah left for New Delhi on July 4, where, according to a  source,
   he will  meet  top-level leaders of the BJP.  Mr Baruah's `joining'
   of BJP will now depend on the BJP's response.  The  source  further
   said  that  Mr  Baruah might not join the party if he was not given
   the BJP ticket to contest in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

   GUWAHATI:  The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC)  on  July  5
   decried  the  `noncooperative attitude' of Assam Governor S.K.Sinha
   in refusing to meet  a  delegation  of  the  party  and  receive  a
   memorandum  demanding  a  high-level  probe  into the recovery of a
   severed limb, a head and a torso at Dakahala in Palashbari  area  a
   couple of weeks ago.  [See AOL of June 25, 1999.]
   In a statement, APCC spokesman Pankaj Bora said that  in  spite  of
   repeated  requests,  the  Governor  refused to meet the delegation.
   `This attitude of the Governor to spare even a few minutes to  meet
   the  delegation of the main Opposition party in the State on such a
   vital and contemporary issue is most unfortunate.'

8  GAUTAM BORA IN FILM AWARDS JURY                      [PIB:5-JUL-99]
   GUWAHATI:  Mr Gautam Bora, director and producer of Assamese films,
   is included in the recently constituted 16-member jury for the 46th
   National Film Awards.  The other members of  the  jury,  which  has
   already  started  functioning  from  July  1,  are  --  Mr  Mrinmoy
   Chakravarty, Nachiket  Patwardhan,  Aruna  Vasudev,  Ramesh  Sippy,
   B.Narsing  Rao,  Suresh  Heblikar,  Ranjan  Bose,  Bhawna  Somaiya,
   Chitrarth,  Sumitra  Bhave,   Bhaskar   Chandrawarkar,   V.Nirmala,
   Balachandra Menon, J.L.Ralhan and Ali Peter John.

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