STEM Military Scholarships funded by NSF (2012-2016)

Based on a grant written by Dr. Lisa Hines of Biology and me, the National Science Foundation is sponsoring up to 30 scholarships per year. The scholarships are administered by Dr. Hines and Financial Aid. You can find more details here.

Engineering Scholarships funded by NSF (2004-2012)

Based on a grant provided by the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) at the National Science Foundation (NSF), we provide scholarships to up to 36 undergraduates per semester in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at UCCS. I am the PI of the grant. Dr. T. Kalkur (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Dr. James Stevens (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) are Co-PIs. Tina Moore, Director of Student Support in the Engineering College is a Senior Personnel on the grant. The scholarship amounts vary from $2500 to $7500/year based on academic performance, financial need and other considerations such as being able to overcome diversity, potential for going for advanced studies, and leadership potential.

If you are an undergraduate at UCCS in any engineering department, and want to apply for the NSF scholarships, please visit the UCCS Financial Aid Office Web page. You can also contact me ( or Tina Moore (

During the past eight years, we have given out almost 300 scholarships to more than 125 individuals. Here is the list of 2004-11 scholarship recipients.

Below is the list of 2011-12 scholarship recipeints. It's followed by the names of all scholarship recipients from 2004.

Arnold,Michael Robert
Arpad,Lauron Val
Askins,Angela Jeanne
Bernstetter II,Kevin John
Bracken,Micah Jordan
Burke,Connor Alexander
Corey,David Andrew
Eastman,Marcus Dean
Fassbender,Joel C
Genin,McKenzie Christine
Green,Justin Allen
Guest,Brandon Michael
Holmes,Eli Joseph
Kilman,Laura Joan
Lake,Jonathan Andrew
Miller,Kyle R
Nelson,Eliot Jay
Pedersen,Ryan Eric
Peterson,Rian Rush
Smith,Zachary Aaron Zdinak
Turchi,David Austin
Yee,Jordan Carl

NSF F10-Sp11
Beaubien, Ann 2010-2011
Buckley, Heather Nicole 2010-2011
Burt, John* 2010-2011
Butcher, Aaron 2010-2011
Caban-Tomski, Jacob* 2010-2011
Davis, Ryan* 2010-2011
Degraffenried, Zane* 2010-2011
Dispoto, Josh 2010-2011
El, Malaka* 2010-2011
Foster, Kyle 2010-2011
Garcia, Paola 2010-2011
Gathings, Leigh Tera 2010-2011
Genao, Paola* 2010-2011
Griebel, Joseph  2010-2011
Hendrix, Brian Douglas 2010-2011
Hylands, Michael 2010-2011
Lee, Colton 2010-2011
Mann, Robert* 2010-2011
Mc Intosh, Kyle 2010-2011
Modisett, Christopher 2010-2011
Nelson, Mark Thomas 2010-2011
Pedersen, Matthew Joel 2010-2011
Phelps, Matthew Glenn 2010-2011
Placzek, Benjamin John 2010-2011
Rockwell, Matthew* 2010-2011
Rodrick, Stephen Andrew 2010-2011
Runyan, Melissa Mae 2010-2011
Saip, Brandon Martin 2010-2011
Shields, Nichole Lyn 2010-2011
Stetzel, Kirk 2010-2011
Thorson, Kelsey Lynn 2010-2011
York, Scott Daniel 2010-2011
Zepeda, Angelica* 2010-2011
*tentative new applicants


NSF F09-Sp10 Status f09-s10
Ai, Housheng graduated s10
Beaubien, Ann Active 09-10
Buckley, Heather Nicole Active 09-10
Butcher, Aaron Active 09-10
Dispoto, Josh Active 09-10
Drayton, Keson grad?
Evans, Gregory graduated f09
Foster, Kyle Active 09-10
Gaeta, Daniel graduated f09
Garcia, Paola Active 09-10
Garrett, Terry James Active 09-10
Gathings, Leigh Tera Active 09-10
Griebel, Joseph  Active 09-10
Harder, Scott graduated f09
Hendrix, Brian Douglas Active 09-10
Hylands, Michael Active 09-10
Jones, Caleb Active 09-10
Lee, Colton Active 09-10
Lewkow, Timothy Stan Active 09-10
Leung, Edith graduated f09
Mc Intosh, Kyle Active 09-10
Modisett, Christopher Active 09-10
Nelson, Mark Thomas Active 09-10
Pedersen, Matthew Joel Active 09-10
Phelps, Matthew Glenn Active 09-10
Placzek, Benjamin John Active 09-10
Rodrick, Stephen Andrew Active 09-10
Runyan, Melissa Mae Active 09-10
Saip, Brandon Martin Active 09-10
Severance, Brian graduated f09
Shields, Nichole Lyn Active 09-10
Stetzel, Kirk Active 09-10
Thorson, Kelsey Lynn Active 09-10
York, Scott Daniel Active 09-10

NSF F08-Sp09 Status f08-s09
Ai, Housheng Active 08-09
Aldrich, Lukas graduated S09
Aquino, Mary Joy graduated S09
Beaubien, Ann Active 08-09
Bleichrodt, Andrew graduated S09
Bowie, Cassidy graduated f08
Butcher, Aaron started s09
Carter, Taylor graduated f08
Conger, Jason canc major
Detwiler, Jessica graduated S09
Dispoto, Josh Active 08-09
Drayton, Keson Active 08-09
Evans, Greg Active 08-09
Foster Kyle Active 08-09
Freckleton, Ryan graduated f08
Gaeta, Daniel Active 08-09
Garcia, Paola Active 08-09
Garrett, Terry Active 08-09
Gathings, Leigh Active 08-09
Griebel, Joseph Active 08-09
Harder, Scott Active 08-09
Hendrix, Brian Active 08-09
Hylands, Michael Active 08-09
Jones, Caleb Active 08-09
Kienitz, Joel canc f08
Kullback, Brendan graduated S09
Layton, Brandon canc f08 with
Lee, Colton Active 08-09
Leung, Edith Active 08-09
Lewis, Evan canc
Lewkow, Timothy Active 08-09
Mann, Joseph graduated S09
Mccormick, Sean graduated S09
McIntosh, Kyle Active 08-09
Mestas, Anne graduated S09
Peet, Jesse graduated f08
Pereida, Adrian canc gpa
Reynolds, Phillip graduated S09
Saip, Brandon Active 08-09
Severance, Brian Active 08-09
Stetzel, Kirk Active 08-09
Stickler, Cayle graduated S09
Uht, Johathan graduated S09

NSF F07-Sp08 Status f07-s08
Ai, Housheng Active 07-08
Aquino, Mary Joy Active 07-08
Beaubien, Ann Elizabeth Active 07-08
Bleichrodt, Andrew Active 07-08
Bowie, Cassidy  Active 07-08
Boyd, John Robert, V Can. Major
Campos, Estivins can. Gpa
Carter, Taylor Reed Active 07-08
Castle, Joel Wayne graduated f07
Conger, Jason Active 07-08
Cronin, Jesse graduated f07
Dorsey-Spitz, Jenna graduated sp08
Drayton, Keson Active 07-08
Farrell, Bryan graduated f07
Foster, Kyle Gregory Active 07-08
Freckleton, Ryan Active 07-08
Gaeta, Daniel Active 07-08
Galvan, Josh graduated sp08
Garcia, Paola Active 07-08
Garrett, Terry James Active 07-08
Gathings, Leigh Tera Active 07-08
Griebel, Joseph  Active 07-08
Harder, Scott Active 07-08
Hylands, Michael Active 07-08
Jones, Caleb Active 07-08
Kienitz, Joel Active 07-08
Kullback, Brendan Active 07-08
Layton, Brandon Active 07-08
Leung, Edith N Active 07-08
Lewis, Evan Lee Active 07-08
Lewkow, Timothy Stan Active 07-08
Mc Intosh, Kyle Active 07-08
McCormick, Sean Active 07-08
Mestas, Anne Active 07-08
Peet, Jesse Stewart Active 07-08
Pereida, Adrian Active 07-08
Plowman, J Dirk graduated f07
Polacek, Geoffrey graduated sp08
Polacek, Geoffrey Active 07-08
Reynolds, Phillip Active 07-08
Robinson, Evan graduated sp08
Saip, Brandon Martin Active 07-08
Severance, Brian Active 07-08
Shaver, Jason Can. Major
Sorenson, Amelia  graduated sp08
Stetzel, Kirk Active 07-08
Stickler, Cayle Active 07-08
Szarka, Samuel graduated f07
Uht, Jonathan Active 07-08
Waite, Lindsay Joi graduated sp08
Wright, Patrick graduated sp08

NSF F06-Sp07 Status f06-s07
Albright, Tiffany graduated Sp07
Bowie, Cassidy  Active 06-07
Boyd, John Robert, V Active 06-07
Cabrera, Sean  graduated Sp07
Carter, Taylor Reed Active 06-07
Chavez, Ramon canc. Grades
Cronin, Jesse Active 06-07
Dajic, Sergej graduated Sp07
Dorsey-Spitz, Jenna Active 06-07
Ferrell, Bryan Active 06-07
Freckleton, ryan Active 06-07
Galvan, Josh Active 06-07
Garrett, Terry James Active 06-07
Greis, Karen Canc. Working
Gurule, Phillip Troy graduated Sp07
Jones, Caleb Active 06-07
Kienitz, Joel Samuel Active 06-07
Kirkbride, Shane Russell graduated Sp07
Leung, Edith N Active 06-07
Lewkow, Timothy Stan Active 06-07
Lobato, Alicia Inez canc. Transfer
McCormick, Sean Active 06-07
Niehoff, Nicholas  graduated Sp07
Peet, Jesse Stewart Active 06-07
Pereida, Adrian Active 06-07
Plowman, J Dirk Active 06-07
polacek, geoffery Active 06-07
reynolds, phillp Active 06-07
Robinson, Evan Active 06-07
Rygg, Erica Lynn graduated Sp07
Sorenson, Amelia  Active 06-07
Stickler, Cayle Active 06-07
sundquist, nadine graduated Sp07
Szarka, Samuel Active 06-07
szarkowski dan graduated Sp07
uht, jonathan Active 06-07
valdez, curtis Trans Uhawaii
Wright, Patrick Active 06-07

NSF F05-Sp06 Status f05-s06
Albright, Tiffany Active 05-06
Alire, Federico canc. Transfer
Astras, Philip Charles Graduated Sp06
Bowie, Cassidy  Active 05-06
Callahan, Joshua David Graduated Sp06
Carter, Taylor Reed Active 05-06
Chavez, Ramon Active 05-06
Cronin, Jesse Active 05-06
Dajic, Sergej Active 05-06
Dombeck,Tiffany  Graduated F05
Dorsey-Spitz, Jenna Active 05-06
Duncan, Todd Allen Graduated Sp06
Ferrell, Bryan Active 05-06
Galvan, Josh Active 05-06
Galvin, Kyle changed major
Greis, Karen Active 05-06
Gurule, Phillip Troy Active 05-06
Howard, Timothy Canc. Dropped
Jones, Caleb Active 05-06
Kirkbride, Shane Russell Active 05-06
Le, Lan Graduated F05
Li, Qudao Graduated Sp06
McCormick, Sean Active 05-06
McGregor, Paul Graduated Sp06
Montoya, Rachel Marie Graduated Sp06
Morris, Michelle Renee Graduated F05
Niehoff, Nicholas  Active 05-06
O Connor, Tomas Paul Graduated F05
Pereida, Adrian Active 05-06
Plowman, J Dirk Active 05-06
Robinson, Evan Active 05-06
Rygg, Erica Lynn Active 05-06
Savage, Dustin  Graduated Sp06
Sorenson, Amelia  Active 05-06
Sorenson, Kevin Joseph Canc, moving
Stepp, Savanna Graduated Sp06
Stickler, Cayle Active 05-06
Swapp, Ian Canc. major
Szarka, Samuel Active 05-06
Trujillo, John cancelled Sp06
Truong, Ngoan Thuy Hong Graduated Sp06
Venzor, Yolanda  Graduated Sp06
Webb, Gregory Canc. Dropped
Wright, Patrick Active 05-06
Yale, Adrianna canc dropped

NSF F04-Sp05 Status f04-s05
ASTRAS, PHILIP Active 04-05
BOWIE, CASSIDY ANN started sp05
Callahan, Josh Active 04-05
Carter, Taylor Active 04-05
Chavez, Ramon Active 04-05
Cook, Stasia Rose Graduated Su05
Dajic, Sergej started sp05
Daniels, Yoshi Tamara Canc. Dropped
Dombeck,Tiffany  Active 04-05
Duncan, Todd Active 04-05
Ferrell, Bryan started sp05
Galvan, Josh started sp05
George, Jonathan Graduated Sp05
Gurule, Phillip Active 04-05
Howard, Timothy started sp05
Karpilo, Coleen Margaret E canc. transfer
Kirkbride, Shane Active 04-05
Le, Lan Active 04-05
Li, Quado started sp05
Malano, Jamie Graduated Sp05
McCormick, Sean started sp05
McGregor, Paul started sp05
Montoya, Rachel Active 04-05
Morris, Michelle Renee Active 04-05
Niehoff, Nicholas Active 04-05
O'Connor, Tom Active 04-05
Plowman, Dirk Active 04-05
Robinson, Evan started sp05
Roux, Stephen? Active 04-05
Rygg, Erica Active 04-05
Sanchez, Annamaria Graduated Sp05
Savage, Dustin Active 04-05
Sorenson, Amelia started sp05
Sorenson, Kevin started sp05
Stepp, Savanna started sp05
Stickler, Cayle Active 04-05
Swapp, Ian Active 04-05
Truong, Ngoan Active 04-05
Venzor, Yolanda Active 04-05
Webb, Gregory Active 04-05
Wright, Patrick Active 04-05