CS 592: Applied Cryptography for Secure Communication

Instructor: Jugal Kalita

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Class Material


These were prepared using OpenOffice. OpenOffice is freely downloadable and produces documents that are compatible with Microsoft products.


There is a quiz every week on Wednesday unless there have been in-class discussions to change the date and time. Each quiz consists of a set of questions that can be answered in 20 minutes. Since, it's a 20-minute quiz, you need to budget your time and answer the questions briefly and to-the-point.

Home Work Assignments

I will give you 3 or 4 home work assignments. They will be mostly assignments that requires research and design. I may give extra-credit points for work beyond what is asked. You can attempt to implement your ideas in any programming language of your choice. Substantial implementation will be given extra-credit points.

Old Exams

Here are some old exams. These will help you prepare for the final. Please note that every year different topics are covered. Also, the same topics are covered differently. Your final will reflect what was taught in your class.

Security Basics