Xiaobo "Charles" Zhou

Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
CO 80918, USA

Dr. Zhou is a Professor of Computer Science and Associate Dean of College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He served as Interim Dean of the College from July 2017 to June 2019. He directs Distributed and Cloud Computing Systems (DISCO) Lab. His research lies broadly in computer network systems, more specifically, distributed systems, cloud computing, distributed ML, data-intensive computing, and scalable Internet services. He was a recipient of NSF CAREER Award 2009. He currently serves as the Chair of IEEE Technical Community on Distributed Processing (TCDP).


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  • Recent Publications

  • [Middleware22] Improving Concurrent GC for Latency Critical Services in Multi-tenant Systems, ACM Middleware, 2022.
  • [HPDC22] Holmes: SMT Interference Diagnosis and CPU Scheduling for Job Co-location, ACM HPDC, 2022.
  • [Middleware21] Memory at You Service: Fast Memory Allocation for Latency Critical Services, ACM Middleware, 2021.
  • [SC20] An Efficient and Non-intrusive GPU Scheduling Framework for Deep Learning Training Systems, ACM/IEEE SC, 2020.
  • [Middleware19] OS-Augmented Oversubscription of Opportunistic Memory with a User-Assisted OOM Killer, ACM Middleware, 2019.
  • [AAAI19] Scalable Distributed DL Training: Batching Communication and Computation, AAAI, 2019.
  • [SoCC19] Pufferfish: Container-driven Elastic Memory Management for Data-intensive Applications, ACM SoCC, 2019.
  • [HPDC19] Semantic-aware Workflow Construction and Analysis for Distributed Data Analytic Systems, ACM HPDC, 2019.
  • [INFOCOM19] Addressing Skewness in Iterative ML Jobs with Parameter Partition, IEEE INFOCOM, 2019.
  • [Middleware18] Aggressive Synchronization with Partial Processing for Iterative ML Jobs on Clusters, ACM Middleware, 2018.
  • [HPDC18] Profiling Distributed Systems in Light-weight Virtualized Environments with Logs and Resource Metrics, ACM HPDC, 2018.
  • [IPDPS18] Characterizing Scheduling Delay for Low-latency Data Analytic Workloads", IEEE IPDPS, 2018.
  • [IPDPS18] Performance Isolation of Data-intensive Scale-out Applications in Multi-tenant Clouds, IEEE IPDPS 2018.
  • [ATC17] Preemptive, Low Latency Datacenter Scheduling via Lightweight Virtualization, USENIX ATC, 2017.
  • [SoCC17] Preserving I/O Prioritization in Virtualized OSes, ACM SoCC, 2017.
  • [ASPLOS17] FLEP: Enabling Flexible and Efficient Preemption on GPUs, ACM ASPLOS, 2017.
  • Teaching


    Postal Mail Department of Computer Science
    1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    Phone: (719) 255 3493(Office)
    Email: xzhou at uccs.edu Fax: (719) 255 3369