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Course No.: CS 520 Instructor: C. Edward Chow
Class Time: MW 4:30-7:00 pm Office Address: ENS 186
Class Room: Lockheed Martin Conference Room Office Hour: T: 1:30-3:00pm, R: 3:00-4:00pm, 5:45-6:15pm
Office Phone: 262-3110 Email:

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    Table 1: CS520 Computer Architecture Tentative Schedule
    Date Chapter Topics Format Assignment
    W 1/20
    Introduction to Computer Architecture ppt, pdf, ps HW#1: due 1/25
    M 1/25
    Computer arithmetic   HW#2: due 2/1
    W 1/27
    Memory hierarchy, Cache Basics,    HW#3: due 2/8
    M 2/1
    Main Memory, Virtual Memory   HW#4: due 10/6
    W 2/3
    Storage Systems, buses, I/O performance measures,     
    2/8 2/10
    No class    
    M 2/15
    Interface to OS, Design an I/O system   HW#5: due 10/13
    W 2/17
    Instruction set architecture    
    M 2/22   On-line Web-based Midterm Exam. (No class)    
    W 2/24
    Pipeline, data hazards, load & control hazards   HW#6: due 11/3
    M 3/1
    Interrupts, Dynamic scheduling,   HW#7: due 11/10
    W 3/3
    Instruction level parallelism   HW#8: due 11/17
    M 3/8
    Interconnection networks, switch   HW#9: due 12/8
    W 3/10
    Parallel architectures    
    M 3/15
    Coherence Protocols, Vector Processing   Project report due 12/10
    W 3/17   Final Exam   Open book, open note, bring calculator