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S2010 Student Projects













S2006 Semester projects.




You can choose to work on the following projects or suggest any multimedia related projects:

*Sniper Tracking System (wireless sensor?/WLAN with microphone/high resolution camera)
*Decoding Human Body Movement Project
*Secure Podcasting System
*IVR over VOIP/telephone
*Multimedia Conference System (Intel HMP or open source/JMF)
*Interactive Networked Multimedia Game

  • RTP/Java Media Framework for VOD and MM Conferencing. JMF package provides API for desiging Java-based multimedia applications. Study the use of JMF in creating synchronized multimedia network applications, such as video-on-demand and multimedia conferencing. It was observed that the video distribution is sometimes not smooth or reliable. Study the RTP and improve the performance and reliability of JMF.

  • VoIP and Call Setup Protocols.  Investigate VoIP architecture  and multimedia call setup related protocols, including H.323, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), and MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol). An introduction paper by Dennis Bueno of MCI presented at 3/15 PPIEEE seminar is available through this link.

  • PDA/Cell phone tool development. Study IDE, Java Micro or SDKs from various venders for developing software for the Cell phone, PDA or Pocket PC devices. For example,
  • Voice Recognition.  Study DragonSystem.com's NaturallySpeaking Software Package and development suite. We have a copy of these packages installed in ENS140 PC.  This project will be to study the packages and develop voice recognition applications.  The other directions will be to explore the designs of  network-based voice recognition facility using this package.

  • Multimedia Security. Authentication, watermarking, timestamp are basic ways for improve multimedia document security. See the web site at Prof. Edward Delp. Some of the ideas includes modify the DCT encoding process to embeded the watermarks.  This project will investigate ways to enhance multimedia security.
  • Study the use of RealSystem G2 System Development Kit for
  • The RealSystem G2  package is available for download at http://proforma.real.com/rn/misc/g2sdk/index.html.
    It also includes RealSystem G2 for  JMF to allow JMF to use realplayer.  There are sample codes and tutorials, excellent for learning, although I experienced a few bugs.
  • Media synchronization and mixing. For multimedia conferencing and media processing we need to merge multiple media streams into one stream. Design the media synchronization and mixing protocols that allows at least two MPEG streams to be sent from different workstations and merge/display on one workstations according to some screen layout. You can also choose to working on audio mixing on PCs.

  • Migrating multimedia conference servers.  Search for proper network locations and  migrate the multimedia mixing processes to reduce bandwidth utilization and improve system performance.

  • High Speed Multimedia Network. We have a 100 Mbps VG-ANY LAN. This network has real-time traffic support through a priority scheme. This project will explore how this feature and the high speed bandwidth can be exploited in a multimedia network environment. Evaluate the network performance. Some programming and performance evaluation effort are involved.

  • List of S2000 Student Projects.


    List of S2002 Student Projects.

    Send me description your proposed projects by 2/22.  Drop by to discuss project ideas or send me email.

    5/7/2002 presentation

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