RACEWIN: Resource Allocation and admission Control Evaluator for Wireless Information Networks

A FY97 technology transfer project sponsored by CASI and US West Advanced Technologies

Brief Description of the Project:

The proposed research deals with the development of efficient algorithms and simulation tools for PCS Wireless Information Network Planning and Management. A software design system called Resource Allocation and Admission Control Evaluator for Wireless Information Networks (RACEWIN) will be built to facilitate the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for cell size determination, hand-off procedure, and traffic management in the future wireless information networks, such as the emerging PCS networks. The RACEWIN system will assist the network administrators in their network planning and management tasks. It will facilitate the network designers to improve the network efficiency and reliability.

Currently we are building a Java-based User Traffic MOdeling and Simulation Tool (UTMOST) for generating and graphically display the cell layout and user traffic patterns, and the power and cell assignments of mobile stations. A discrete event simulator called RACESIM is being built to simulate the wireless networks (PCS and GSM) based on the events generated by UTMOST. Efficient hand-over procedures will be simulated and the simulation results can be used to determine the relationship among the cell size, QoS, and network resources. Efficent dynamic channel assignment algorithms are being developed using C and CPLEX and will be interfaced with UTMOST and RACESIM.

Who's working on this project

Dr. C. Edward Chow, Principle Investigator
M. Heidi McClure, Graduate Student, working on UTMOST
James M. Haring, Graduate Student, working on RACESIM
Jonas E. Hedlind, Graduate Student, working on Dynamic Channel Assignment

Who's our industry collaborating partner

US West Advanced Technology, Jenny Sanchez.

Image of UTMOST version1 tool layout.

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