C. Edward Chow 

Professor of Computer Science
Universtiy of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, 1985

M.A., University of Texas, Austin, 1982

B.S., National Taiwan University, 1977

Tel: (719)255-3110 FAX: (719)255-3369

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150

Email: cchow@uccs.edu

Skype: edwardchowc

Twitter: @humbleLearner
Office: ENS 186. Map with direction to my office
Office Hours:
TR: 3-4pm, W:1-2pm

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Network Security Research

Research Interests and Projects

List of Potential Thesis Projects

Network System Research Lab Equipment

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  • Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 7/2004-present
  • Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2008-2011
  • Interim El Pomar Chair, University of Colorado at Colorado Spring, 10/2002-7/2003
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 8/91-6/2004.

  • Taught CS115 Principle of Comter Science, CS301 Web Programming, CS401 Web system and Electronic Commerce, CS420/520 Computer Architecture, CS522 Computer Communications, CS525 Multimedia Computing/Communications, CS526 S2005 Advanced Internet and Web Systems., CS591 F2005 Fundamental of Computer and Network Security, CS622 Distributed Networks, CS691 S2003 Advanced System Security Designs

    Working on Web systems/security, WAN load balancing, Internet Network Measurement, Wireless network planning, high speed networks/protocols, distributed/optimal algorithms for network resource allocation and interactive programming environments for network/protocol design.

    Research Grants and Projects:

  • Visiting Scientist, Fujitsu Lab Kawasaki, Japan, 7/1997, 7/1999, 7/2001
  • Visiting Scientist, IBM, 7/94-8/94.

  • Designed collaborative multimedia networks. Coordinated network protocol and service software design effort. Designed multimedia servers.

  • Member of Technical Staff, Bell Communications Research, 11/86-8/91.

  • Designed/developed path finding algorithms and connection management protocols for high speed ATM network testbed called EXPANSE. Coordinated an ISDN-LAN Telephony Network Interconnection Project between Bellcore and Fujitsu Lab and was responsible for the design of gateway and multimedia communication software for document transfer and real-time free hand drawing. Expertise:

    Computer/Communication Networks, Protocol Engineering, Multimedia Information Systems, Network Management, High Speed Networks/Protocols, Intelligent Networks, Distributed Systems, Programming Environments, and Compute Architecture.

    Master Thesis/Projects currently supervised

    Available techical report from UCCS Network and Protocol Research Group

    Available prototype software from UCCS Network and Protocol Research Group

    Master project/thesis guideline and proposal example

    9/25/98 Talk on Computer System Configuration and Upgrade at Senior Center

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