CS401 Web Systems and Electronic Commerce
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Course No.: CS 401 Instructor: C. Edward Chow
Class Time: TR 1:40-2:55 pm Office Address: ENS 186
Class Room: ENS 109 Office Hour: T: 3-4 pm, W: 10-11am, R: 4:30-5:30pm
Office Phone: 262-3110 Email: chow@cs.uccs.edu
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See the attached tentative schedule.
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Class net email aliase: You can send class related email to CS401@cs.uccs.edu. Email to this net aliase will be forwarded to your email account on cs.uccs.edu.  You should set up the .forward file to forward emails to your regular mail server, by including the forwarding email address line in your home directory at cs.uccs.edu.  Make sure there is not email forwarding loop!

We have 5 PCs for our OS/Web Server installation and configuration exercises.  They are in ENS 143 (inside of ENS140). Three will be used for those exercises related to Linxu/Apache systems; two  for those exercise related to Window 2000 advanced server.

Lab Time Slot Reservation:
Reservation web page for Linux installation lab exercises. It is ready!
Reservation web page for NT installation lab exercises (Under Construction)
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Note that your login on owl.uccs.edu will be the first and middle initial concatenated with the first six characters of your last name.  If you do not have accessed to a scanner, please bring the photo in our next class time.  I will scan it then return it to you.
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Table 1: CS401 Web Systems and Electronic Commerce Tentative Schedule
Date Ch Topics Assignment
T 8/22 H* Overview of Internet, WWW browser, and server systems HW#1: due 8/31
T 8/29 H Architecture, configuration, and performance of web servers HW#2: due 9/12
R 9/7 H Redhat Linux/Apache Setup(no class Labor Day Holiday Tuesday 9/5)
T 9/12 A.1-3 Apache web server installation/configuration, Virtual Hosting HW#3: due 9/28, 
T 9/19 A.4 cgi, status, and filtering,  HW#4: due 10/3
T 9/26 A.5 Apache access control and authentication, cookie, HW#5: due 10/5
T 10/3 A.6-10, H Content/Language Negotiation, Proxy Server,SSI, Web cache systems and benchmarking
T 10/10 Midterm: Open book, open note
T 10/17 H Web System, High Availability and Load Balancing HW#6: due 10/26
T 10/24 H Win2000 advanced Server installation, IIS configuration
T 10/31 H Active Server Page and ODBC. HW#7: due 11/14
T 11/7 W.1-3 Web Security, Java/Javascript security, Denial of Service Attack
T 11/14 W.10-11, H Cryptography HW#8: due 11/28
T 11/21 W.12,C SSL  (no class Thanksgiving Holiday, Thursday 11/23)
T 11/28 W.6-7 Digital  Identification and Certificates HW#9: due 12/5
T 12/5 W.16, H Electronic Commerce Semester Project report due 12/7
T 12/12 Final Exam 1:40-4:10pm Open book, open note