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Course No.: CS 525 Instructor: C. Edward Chow
Class Time: MW 5:50-7:05 pm Office Address: ENS 186
Class Room: EN 109 Office Hour: MW: 4:30-5:30pm, T: 9:30-10:30pm
Office Phone: 262-3110 Email / IM: chow@cs.uccs.edu / MS Messenger
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Course Objective:

Course Outline (with links to individual topics):


midterm(20%), final exam(20%), homework assignments(30%), semester research/design project(30%)

Class Info:

Disability Services: If you have a disability for which you are requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office within the first week of classes. The Disability Services Office is located in Main Hall # 105. (Phone # is 262-3354.)

You can send class related email to cs525-l@cs.uccs.edu. Email to this net aliase will be forwarded to your email account on cs.uccs.edu.  You should set up the .forward file to forward emails to your regular mail server, by including the forwarding email address line in your home directory at cs.uccs.edu.  Make sure there is not email forwarding loop

CS525 S2008 Class Photo Album and Personal Web Page

CS525 S2002 Class Photo Album and Personal Web Page

Please create a personal web page at http://cs.uccs.edu/~<login>/cs525 with your personal photo, basic vita,  your interests in this class,  and including later on the potential semester projects that you may work on .  This will allow classmates to find common interests and know each other. See http://cs.uccs.edu/~cs301/graphics/scanning.htm for scanning your personal photo.  You can also use my personal web page as a template. If you do not know how to setup your personal web page, drop by my office.  I will help you.  This is part of your hw#1.


Some of the viewgraphs are saved in PDF file format for retrieval on Internet.  You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from
  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html to read/print PDF files.



    Due to the rapid change in the field.  We will not use textbook.  We will give handouts and use literatures accessible  over the Internet.

Table 1: CS525 Multimedia Computing and  Communications Tentative Schedule
W 1/18 Introduction, graphic file format, scan and convert still images
M 1/23 Audio encoding/compression PCM, MP3, Editing using Adobe Audition , MIDI HW#1: due 2/1
M 1/30 Video signal processing, HVS, HDTV, Image compression using DCT, DCT using Maple. HW#2: due 2/8
M 2/6 JPEG viewgraph; JPEG paper; JPEG FAQ;  
M 2/13 MPEG viewgraph; MPEG paper; HW#3: due 2/22
M 2/20 Berkeley decoder ACMTMCCCA2005paper/viewgraph; MPEG.org;     
M 2/27 RTP; RTP web site; RTSP;  
M 3/6 Multimedia Authroing SMIL; midterm review     
M 3/13 Midterm: Open book, open note, bring calculator  
M 3/20 Multimedia Synchronization  
M 3/27 Spring Break 3/27-4/2  
M 4/3 Multimedia Synchronization; Multimedia Storage Server;
M 4/10 Storage Optimzation for P2D VoD Network; Java Media Framework (JMF)  
M 4/17 SIP and IP telephony Hw#4 due 4/26
M 4/24 DirectX(Play3DSound); Student Presentations vgs  of student presentations due one week before their scheduled time.
M 5/1 Student Presentations; Review of Final Exam Research project report due 5/16
M 5/15 Final: Monday 4:30-7pm Note that it is Monday 4:30pm different starting time . Open book open note bring calculator  

Suggested References

  • Multimedia Sigals and Systems, Mrinal Kr. Mandal. 2003, Kluwer Academic.
  • The Multimedia Internet, Stephen, Weinsten, 2005, Springer.
  • "Multimedia System Design," by Prabhat K. Andleigh and Kiran Thakrar, 1996, Prentice-Hall.
  • "Emerging Multimedia Computer Communication Technologies", by Chwan-Hwa Wu and J. David Irwin, 1998, Prentice-Hall.

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