Department of Computer Science

CS575-Computational Geomertry

CS577-Computer Graphics & Scientific Visualization Techniques

Animation: Basic principle physically based modeling, algorithms for animation, constraint optimization, use of dynamics in animation, telelogical modeling. Scientific visualization: overview, foundation and techniques, applications.

CS578-Advanced 3D Games & Digital Content Creation

CS579-Wearable Computing & Complex Systems

Wearable computing with an emphasis on complex systems research is an important area of research. This course will cover concepts and related techniques, and state of the art issues. This course will provide an excellent basis for students who are interested in computer graphics and virtual reality research.

CS580-Computer Graphics

Fundamental areas of modern raster computer graphics: hardware, software, data structures, mathematical modeling, user interface and manipulation of graphical objects. A subset of the two dimensional GKS is examined and implemented with emphasis placed upon segmented display files and instance modeling. Basic to all graphic programs written are the ergonomic requirements of the user. Required programs are in the areas of animation, paint systems, polygon filling and clipping, and curve generation.

CS581-Advanced Computer Graphics

CS677-Virtual Reality and Computer-Human Interaction

The course will focus on the so-called ultimate form of interaction between human and machine, creating a virtual or artificial world. The basic idea and various input devices will be discussed. Several advanced papers in this area will be covered. Some of these ideas will be implemented through a term project.