Department of Computer Science

Pursue Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction, VR, and Wearable Computing research leading to effective solution of fundamental research issues relevant to International Community and Southern Colorado region.

Provide an environment to conduct research in the above areas encouraging interaction among BS, MS and PhD students with professors, researchers and industrial partners

Specific Areas
Graphics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Animation, Visualization, Biological Computation, Complex Systems, Human Interaction.

Application Areas
Personal Security, K-12 Education, Biological based Computation, Medical Applications, Disability, Virtual Humans, Facial Expression generation, Human-Human Communication with Agents, sense of touch applications, sense of smell applications, distributed virtual environments, and many others.

Introduction to Computer Graphics (CS480/580); Animation and Visuzalition (CS577); Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality (CS677); Wearable Computing and Complex Systems (CS579); Geometric Modeling (CS576); Advanced Computer Graphics (CS581); and Computational Geomertry (CS575).

Silicon Graphics Machines (SGI-O2); PHANToM force feedback device for sense of touch experiments, NOMAD glasses for augmented reality work; Crystal Eyes Ultrasound trackers; and magnetic trackers, several PCs with Linux and Windows.

Affiliations (past and present)
Advanced Telecommunication and Research (ATR) Lab; Intel ($10,000) grant for magnetic trackers; Colorado Springs School of Deaf and Blind; Olympic Training Center; HealthSouth Plaza; Colorado School of Mines; Center of Human Simulation, Denver.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Semwal at