Department of Computer Science


Sudhanshu K. Semwal

Director of MICL

Area of expertise: Computer graphics, computer-human interaction, and virtual reality, human animation and avatars, volume rendering and visualization, realistic images, ray tracing, computational geometry.

Detailed Academic Vita

Current Students

Richard Doyle
(PhD Student)

Background: Mr. Doyle has worked as a Member of the Group Technical Staff at Texas Instruments, as a Senior Knowledge Engineer with the Intelligent Systems Group at EDS and as a Senior Development Engineer with MINC.
After joining UCCS, Mr. Doyle focused on physics based human facial expression for the Visible Human Project as a Fellow under the direction of Dr. Victor Spitzer at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and on applications of evolutionary computation as a Research Fellow under the direction of Dr. Semwal at UCCS. His research interests include complex systems theory, computer graphics, and remote sensing.

Rodolfo Ortiz
(MS Student)

Background: As a Master degree student, Rodolfo has worked on animation using Maya. He is currently developing a project that involves crowd simulation and dynamical systems.
Starting on November 2005, he is working in the Lab with Dr. Semwal doing device maintainance and administrating the SGI systems. This includes backing up information, creating user accounts and keeping the system up and running.