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About Media Integration and Convergence Lab - MICL
With new interactions emerges new ways of thinking --- MCIL is about communication using all forms of media and technology. Emphasis is to create tools supporting human interaction leading to emergence of new ways and forms.  Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary and seamless blending of ideas creating products is the focus to positively impact all of society.

Our Vision is creating and preserving experiences for all irrespective of their abilities using multiple forms of media --- animation, graphics, games, virtual reality, complex systems, and wearable computing.

The Mission is to identify applications in areas which allow an individual or a group to express and communicate their ideas using all sensory interaction and immersion, creating a variety of innovative ideas resulting in new ways of achieving individual and group interactions and achieve goals which are not possible before realizing that human diversity and emotions are the most important asset in innovating ideas, encouraging new ways of interactions resulting in a new way of thinking.

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December 2005
Thomas Wolfe, that is currently in the MS degree, presented an animation at the SIGGRAPH Rocky Mountain Chapter, finishing as one of the best three works presented.